You – In 30 seconds!

If you walked into an elevator, the door closed and you found yourself next to a college recruiter, coach or potential employer and had 30 seconds to promote yourself, what would you say?  When the door opens and they walk away, what would you have said that makes you memorable enough that they want to know more?

For those of you graduating college now or even those of you who are getting close, the old “Elevator Speech” is a business technique that has been used for decades, but it is still effective.  In fact, for young people who have less experience promoting themselves to future employers or college admissions offices, it is a great way to collect your thoughts ahead of time so that when opportunity strikes, you’re prepared.  I find that when young people are asked to, “Tell me a little about your self,” they get caught like deer in headlights or ramble with no impressive points.

Promote yourself by being prepared.  What will you say in 30 seconds that will leave them wanting more?  How do you project yourself as different from the rest of the pack.  What makes you different?

Most of the college graduates who are hired within the first 3 months of graduation are hired through their internship experience and contacts.  According to a recent posting on “The Ladders”, as of April, 17% of graduating seniors reported they had secured employment for post graduation.  In a tough market, that leaves a lot of you still out there looking.  So be prepared and work your network!