3 A’s for a Successful High School to College Plan

Building a plan for success begins as early as middle school since your grades transferring in to high school will determine the level of courses in your schedule.  But once you are there it’s important to remember that there are 3 A’s to keep in focus.

Active and Targeted Community Service – Get involved with something that moves you.  Identify a community or church organization that needs volunteers, accommodates your school schedule, and allows you an opportunity to participate in something you find interesting enough to want to learn and do more.  These are great career exploration opportunities, so target something and get active!

Authentic Leadership Experiences – Not only should you be involved, but seize the opportunity to take on a leadership role.  It builds character, experience, and can become a critical factor for admissions to universities and colleges.   In order to be authentic, you have to be an involved leader and not just carry the title.

Academic Rigor – Challenge yourself to take the most difficult level courses you can manage while maintaining the highest GPA.  Universities want to see a demonstration of your ability to learn at a higher level.  Slackers need not apply.

Build a plan for success by paying attention to all of the A’s!