3 Things to “Bring to the Table”

Everything we do creates the bank of experiences that we bring to the table of our work environment or an interview for a job.  Those part time jobs as a kid help us to learn the kinds of things we enjoy and find satisfying or the things we do to have spending money and hope we never have to do them again in our lifetime.  That same concept goes for jobs during college and at times even into our adult lives.  It becomes even more apparent when a job market is as difficult as the one we are in now, but it will not last forever.  The up side is to understand that we can learn from these experiences and take them forward to the “Table”.

When you consider what you bring to the table, for an organization, company or firm, consider bringing these three:

Desire – What is your interest or passion for working with the organization?  What have you done in the past that would bring value to that company or firm?  What do you hope to gain through working with them?

Problem Solver – What is your problem solving style and how can that bring benefit to the organization?  How have you demonstrated that style in the past?

Positive Spirit – No one likes to work with negative individuals and there is a distinct difference between being a “devil’s advocate” on an issue and always being the “downer”.  How will your spirit or energy be perceived during an interview?  What does your body language say about the real you?

Reflecting on your Desire, Problem Solving and Positive Spirit can help you to evaluate what you bring to the table.  As interviews take on a more authentic process for screening candidates, it has become more important than ever that you spend time understanding what you have to offer and how that has been demonstrated in the past.