3 Timeline Considerations

Depending on where you are in your career direction process, there are three things you should have on your radar screen.

 High School Students:

  1. A calendar with SAT/ACT test dates for which you will register and a prep plan that fits that timeline
  2. Timely notification to those you are requesting a letter of reference
  3. A timeline that identifies application deadlines for colleges you are applying

 College Students:

  1. Attend job fairs on your campus even as a freshman to get a feel for the events
  2. Get your resume’ in order or sent out even as early as September of senior year
  3. Even as a freshman you can begin preparing yourself with examples of your leadership, problem solving or other desirable attributes for employers

Career Changers/Job Changers/Those Re-entering the Workforce:

  1. Identify a target date to be in that new position and work backward at least 6 months.  Currently the average worker spends 19-28 weeks in a job search
  2. Along with your resume’, have a sheet of references prepared and make sure you have notified the individuals of your intent to identify them as a reference
  3. Identify when applications need to ne submitted in order to meet your timeline for securing that new position

Planning and organization are effective tools for success.  They are also part of natural ability patterns and therefore easier for some people and not for others.  These timeline considerations should be a part of your organization as you plan your college and career path.  Want to know more about your own natural abilities?  Contact me.