Being the Leader

Do you remember your elementary school days when you wanted to be the line leader?

Why did you want to be the leader?

  • First to get to the destination?
  • Sense of authority or power over those behind you?
  • Feeling like you could take them anywhere?

Do you still want to be the leader?

Last week I suggested that you read an article about Leadership and the importance in today’s job market and the admissions process for college.  The author, Jason Jakus, wrote about eight qualities of Leadership.  I agree wholeheartedly with all eight, but I would add one more…Responsibility.  Good leaders take responsibility.

So as you look back over your own leadership characteristics and how they align with the eight indicated by Mr. Jakus, consider a time when you took responsibility for a situation and how your own leadership qualities emerged.  What was the situation?  What action did you take?  How long did it take?  What was the outcome?  If you can answer these questions, you just framed a response to an interview question about your own leadership.  You don’t have to be chairman of a corporation or committee, president of a club or organization to demonstrate leadership.  But you do need to consider your own leadership qualities and determine how or if there is a need to develop you more fully in order to be marketable to universities and employers.

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