Investment vs. Return is not just about financial planning, it also addresses the impact of your educational investment and return on those dollars.   About a week ago there was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal, “Reid Hoffman: Searching for Breakout Ideas,” with great questions and answers.  One of my favorites was a question about how … Continue readi Read More ›

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. ”  – Mark Twain Whether you are a high school student or a college student, you are on a path that can provide enormous opportunity and create background experiences that set you up for success.  So, as part of the plan, begin by evaluating your needs. As a … Continue reading "4 Consi Read More ›

Last week I listed 6 characteristics in considering a college or university.  The 6th factor was “Financial” considerations.  I truly do believe that it can’t be the first or even an initial limiting factor when students are considering lists of colleges.  But it has to become a factor eventually and can even be a positive … Continue reading Read More ›

Pick up a copy of US News College Rankings and the back section is usually filled with tips for making sure you get a good college fit.  Tune in to any chat with college students on and you will again hear the importance of finding the right college fit.  It just makes sense, saves … Continue reading "Planning for a “ Read More ›

Don’t wait until it is crunch time to begin making visits to college campuses.  You can begin to get a feel for the kind of university experience you want earlier than you think.  Make it a day excursion for the family or part of a holiday trip like Spring Break.  Something as simple as driving … Continue reading "Exposure for a Good College Fit" Read More ›