Have you taken the time to assess your own leadership qualities?  Did you know that leadership is being viewed by college admissions offices and employers as a valuable asset for all individuals who are making applications to their organizations?  Where do you stand with demonstrating humor, planning, vision, creativity, integrity, openness, assertiveness and development? The … Read More ›

Several months ago I posted a blog titled, The STARS and Secrets to a Successful Interview. The content applied to students interviewing for college admissions or individuals interviewing for positions in the workforce.  This month, as I write about Leadership, the concept of interviewing technique once again is quite applicable and becoming even more important … Continue reading Read More ›

All too often people wait to be nominated or appointed to leadership positions for clubs, organizations, committees or teams.  But more and more, universities and employers are looking at leadership as a defining characteristic worthy of selecting one candidate over the other.  Even the interview process has evolved to the point of employers or admissions … Continue reading Read More ›

As August begins, the lazy days of summer are drawing to an end and thoughts of school and school applications begin to take center stage.  For college bound students there are applications to complete and essays to write.  For freshmen, sophomores and juniors there are activities to consider, sports to be played and if athletic … Continue reading "Real L Read More ›

Presenting the picture of you to a potential employer requires a careful, accurate and quantifiable selection of words that will pique their interest and provide connections to their need and purpose for hiring you.  Many times over the past several months I have referenced the importance of measuring natural ability. In so doing, it is … Continue reading " Read More ›