How does making the right career choice affect the rest of your life?  When you decide to go to work or attend class are you going based on need or desire?  Do you want to be one of the 40% of the population who enjoy their work or the 60% who are unhappy with their … Continue reading "Quality Decision Making or False Fronts" Read More ›

Making career decisions is never easy and especially when it involves and affects other people.  High school students are influenced by parents, extended family, friends, teachers and coaches, and media.  College students continue to be influenced by similar factors and by the growing need to become financially independent.  So what family dynamics influence decision making … Read More ›

Have you ever noticed how much time, focused energy, and money goes in to preparing to take the SAT, ACT or a re-test to get a better score?  So much of it is driven by the desire to have qualifying scores for a specific university or college of choice.  Imagine the hours invested in AP … Continue reading "Informed Decisions for Future Success" Read More ›

Whether you are a high school student making a decision about your college selection, a college student interviewing for that first post-college job, or a member of the workforce trying to determine your next directional move, Values need to be a part of your thought and decision-making process.  Values play an important part in our … Continue reading "Value Read More ›

If you’ve been in an elementary classroom in the last twenty years because you are that young, you have children or are an educator, you might have heard a teacher say, ”Ask three before me.”  They are encouraging the students to ask their peers their questions before asking the teacher.  It serves multiple purposes.  Research … Continue reading " Read More ›