Investment, Risk and Reward …it sounds like I have turned financial planner.  Nothing could be further from the truth…..but, I am all about the plan.  Some of my earlier Blogs were about the importance of having a plan.  The plan I referenced was a plan for identifying career direction and using effective tools to meet … Continue reading "Investment, Read More ›

When I write each week, my goal is to bring you thought provoking information, calls to action or information on tools that can help you make informed decisions about your major area of study or career direction.  Last week we talked about choosing marketable majors and the week before was about spending your education dollars … Continue reading "What is It Worth?" Read More ›

Making a decision about career direction is one of life’s bigger game plans.  After all, it is the way in which you will spend at least 8 out of 24 hours for 30 years and in some cases much more.  Some career paths won’t be defined by traditional work hours and will shift directions in … Continue reading "Is That Degree Marketable?" Read More ›

The process of deciding on a college or university is a time consuming and daunting task.  From the time you begin the search to the time you walk on the campus as a freshman, the process is enormous.  But so is the responsibility of paying for college. Students across the country are receiving their acceptance letters … Continue reading "T Read More ›

Internships and externships are great experiences for learning, vetting out what career possibilities make sense to you, and establishing links for future employment.  But I get asked, “What is the difference between internship and externship?”  Typically, externships are much shorter and unpaid.  They can be a couple of days to a few weeks in length … Read More ›