When I talk with people about their plans for their future, I get the range of reactions from “deer in the headlights” to totally engaged and “I know where I want to go.”  But it is no surprise.  We are all wired with different “Time Frame Orientations,” as identified through the Highlands Ability Battery. Some … Continue reading "Get Star Read More ›

I love my work! Can you say the same thing? I have loved my work for over 30 years! Can you say the same thing? An article came across my computer recently and just lit up my day.  It was yet another affirmation for the work I do and love.  How wonderful that a major … Continue reading "Affirmations of Getting It Right" Read More ›

I have always believed that life is a balance.  It is a balance of work and pleasure, chocolate and vegetables, reality and fantasy.  Somewhere between all of them is a balance and something that fits for each one of us.  I know that I can indulge in those two chocolates a day that I so … Continue reading "Just Do It" Read More ›

A retired educator, I wish I had a penny for every student I have ever heard say, “I want to be a professional athlete.”  Not that I would be so wealthy, but the sheer volume would be impressive.  That volume struck me profoundly this week as I watched an HBO special sports presentation made by … Continue reading "Playing and Planning for Success Read More ›

In the last Blog, the theme was “Knowing What You Have to Offer.”  Whether you are interviewing for admissions to a university or sitting in a job interview, some of the standards for success are identical.  You must know what you have to offer the organization and you have to be able to articulate it … Continue reading "STARS and Secr Read More ›