I have always believed that life is a balance.  It is a balance of work and pleasure, chocolate and vegetables, reality and fantasy.  Somewhere between all of them is a balance and something that fits for each one of us.  I know that I can indulge in those two chocolates a day that I so … Continue reading "Just Do It" Read More ›

A retired educator, I wish I had a penny for every student I have ever heard say, “I want to be a professional athlete.”  Not that I would be so wealthy, but the sheer volume would be impressive.  That volume struck me profoundly this week as I watched an HBO special sports presentation made by … Continue reading "Playing and Planning for Success Read More ›

In the last Blog, the theme was “Knowing What You Have to Offer.”  Whether you are interviewing for admissions to a university or sitting in a job interview, some of the standards for success are identical.  You must know what you have to offer the organization and you have to be able to articulate it … Continue reading "STARS and Secr Read More ›

Whether you are a high school student presenting yourself to a university market, a college student or adult looking to get in the work force, the question and need remain the same.  What do you have to offer?  In a recent homepage article for msn, the following article popped up, “How to Prepare for Your … Continue reading "Know What You Have to Offer" Read More ›

Throughout history there have been individuals who proved they have a great sense of vision.  Not the 20/20 vision, but the kind that requires an ability to foresee what the future may look like in a particular frame of reference.  People who are visionaries in given fields have contributed significantly in the development of businesses … Continue reading Read More ›