A retired educator, I wish I had a penny for every student I have ever heard say, “I want to be a professional athlete.”  Not that I would be so wealthy, but the sheer volume would be impressive.  That volume struck me profoundly this week as I watched an HBO special sports presentation made by … Continue reading "Playing and Planning for Success Read More ›

In the last Blog, the theme was “Knowing What You Have to Offer.”  Whether you are interviewing for admissions to a university or sitting in a job interview, some of the standards for success are identical.  You must know what you have to offer the organization and you have to be able to articulate it … Continue reading "STARS and Secr Read More ›

Whether you are a high school student presenting yourself to a university market, a college student or adult looking to get in the work force, the question and need remain the same.  What do you have to offer?  In a recent homepage article for msn, the following article popped up, “How to Prepare for Your … Continue reading "Know What You Have to Offer" Read More ›

Throughout history there have been individuals who proved they have a great sense of vision.  Not the 20/20 vision, but the kind that requires an ability to foresee what the future may look like in a particular frame of reference.  People who are visionaries in given fields have contributed significantly in the development of businesses … Continue reading Read More ›

In school, as we were growing up, everyone knew who was the best reader, the fastest runner, the best artist or who would get the lead in the winter music festival. We knew who struggled with math, who would get picked last for the kickball team and who had the most friends.  There were no … Continue reading "What are Natural Abilities?" Read More ›