Throughout history there have been individuals who proved they have a great sense of vision.  Not the 20/20 vision, but the kind that requires an ability to foresee what the future may look like in a particular frame of reference.  People who are visionaries in given fields have contributed significantly in the development of businesses … Continue reading Read More ›

In school, as we were growing up, everyone knew who was the best reader, the fastest runner, the best artist or who would get the lead in the winter music festival. We knew who struggled with math, who would get picked last for the kickball team and who had the most friends.  There were no … Continue reading "What are Natural Abilities?" Read More ›

1 – Family Influence – Throughout our lives, parents and family members influence our considerations for college, advanced degrees and career outcomes.  Their involvement and discussions may or may not support specific areas of study the student finds of interest.  The work done by parents or extended family members may set an expectation for the … Continue reading Read More ›

On December 21st, CNBC presented, “Price of Admission – America’s College Debt Crisis.”  It was a great piece from the perspective of alerting the masses of a potential bubble similar to the one that fed our nation into the financial fiasco that has taken place over the last few years.  It highlighted individuals and couples … Continue reading Read More ›

In June of 2008, The Wall Street Journal published an article referencing The Highlands Ability Battery and the importance of students being able to identify their natural abilities for the benefit of lifelong career management.  But it is also important to understand that the abilities that are measured at age 17 for a high school student, remain … Continue reading Read More ›