Jobs that did not exist 10 years ago are infiltrating the landscape.  So, have you ever thought of being a Chief Listening Officer, Tech Ethicist, Self-Driving Car Engineer, or how about a UX/UI Designer?  These are just some of the new job titles in a morphing career landscape. The trick is how to prepare. The … Continue reading "The Changing Career La Read More ›

Social media is changing the way we network for career opportunities.  But we can’t forget to develop our in-person networks as well.  This is especially true for high school and college students.  As you think about career directions, this is the time to do some explorations and especially if you are not working during the … Continue reading Read More ›

Do you click on those internet articles that begin with “10 Things You…” or “The Top 10 Places….”?  I find myself intrigued at times and just have to go for it.  But the truth be told, sometimes all we want is something short and to the point.  So my message this time is for Students…both … Continue reading Read More ›

Did you dream of being a fireman, football player, or a teacher? Who asked you what you want to be when you grow up? What is “Grown Up”? Did you ask yourself? Do you still have that dream? What’s next? There is POWER in your dreams. I’m talking about the dreams in your heart. When … Continue reading "Power in Your Dreams" Read More ›

I spoke just last night to a group of high school students and their parents regarding choosing college majors and careers.  As part of that presentation, I talked about the importance of preparing now and part of the preparation needed to be addressing their “social image.”  I defined their social image as anything from email … Continue reading Read More ›