Imagine how great it feels when you accomplish something you didn’t think you could.  Franklin Roosevelt said, ” Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” The task of searching for colleges, making a choice of career paths or college majors, or even changing direction once you have gone down … Continue reading "Im Read More ›

I speak frequently about the ridiculous amount of student loan debt in our country. Not that there aren’t times and situations that they are warranted, but all too often they are a product of irresponsible choices.  Irresponsible meaning that students and families do not invest the time and effort into exploring options before they commit … Continue reading "Up 10%" Read More ›

“Location – Location – Location” is what realtors promote when listing or selling property.  When you are working an application for college admissions, the motto is “Contact – Contact – Contact.”  That way you continue to build value in you as an applicant and potential student in the institution. Building value begins in middle school when you … Continue reading Read More ›

The question is frequently asked now that the economy has stumbled, sputtered and inched along, “Is college worth it?”  With student loan debt soaring and the job market still in questionable territory, I frequently hear people asking, “Is it worth it, or should we think about something else?” My responses are always the same, your … Continue reading Read More ›

While much of the time I target high school and college students, this post is for anyone in college, the work force, or considering going back to work.  Frequently over the last couple of years I have addressed Professional Development as it applies to high school and college students.  But to the career professional or the “stay-at-home parent” … Continue reading Read More ›