Contact – Contact – Contact

Just like Realtors promote, “Location – Location – Location” when buying or selling property, when you are working an application for college admissions, the motto is “Contact – Contact – Contact.”  That way you continue to build value in you as an applicant and potential student in the institution.

Building value begins in middle school when you establish grades that set your track for high school courses.  In high school, you create value through grades, activities, service, and leadership.  But as an applicant, all of those things are already done or in motion, but you can’t quit.  Establishing contact with someone in an admissions office is important in securing your best opportunity.  So make contact, get a name, number and email.  Check back with that individual to see if there is other information needed, where they are in the process, or to update them on a recent accomplishment.  The important factor is to maintain contact.  Build your value with them by demonstrating that you are an authentic candidate and not just one of the thousands who apply as a backup.

Build your value.  Contact – Contact – Contact, this is not the time to be shy!