Creating Leadership Opportunities

All too often people wait to be nominated or appointed to leadership positions for clubs, organizations, committees or teams.  But more and more, universities and employers are looking at leadership as a defining characteristic worthy of selecting one candidate over the other.  Even the interview process has evolved to the point of employers or admissions advisers questioning the specific examples of leadership you have referenced on a resume’ or application.  They want to know the circumstances that created a situation of need, what action you took, and the outcome as a result of your leadership.  So padding a resume’ or application with frivolous titles is not an effective option!

Creating leadership opportunities means stepping up to the plate and offering your expertise, time or desire to lead the group.  It also means listening to others, having your eyes open for opportunities and thinking about the current circumstances and what possibilities exist to make a difference.  Leaders make a difference because they create something bigger than themselves.

When you reflect on your resume’, can you demonstrate leadership?  If not, think about what you have to offer your team, club, organization or committee and how you can step up to the plate and lead them in a direction that will make a difference.  Think about needs in your community or organization, policies or procedures that need to be updated or mentoring programs that could be developed.  Leaders are not confined to positions of corporate authority or heads of nations.  Leaders are all around us and so are the needs that can provide opportunities.  What action will you take?