Evidence of a New Trend

Financial experts watch trends in the market, I watch trends in careers.  A couple of months back I wrote about the trend of social media and the importance of paying attention to your social profile as it can impact your career potential. But another interesting trend is surfacing and worthy of your attention.  The power of the Blog.

I have always found it fascinating that there is such a wealth of intelligence at research centers across our country and around the globe and yet the property rights issues seem to inhibit sharing of information.  But that seems to be shifting and a new trend is taking off.  The following Wall Street Journal article is worthy of the time to read it and begs the question, “What other sectors will benefit from this form of social media search for cures, problem resolutions and solutions to cultural challenges?” Click here to read it.

It is important to pay attention to the trends, both personal and professional.  Do you have a clear picture of your career trend?