Exposure for a Good College Fit

Don’t wait until it is crunch time to begin making visits to college campuses.  You can begin to get a feel for the kind of university experience you want earlier than you think.  Make it a day excursion for the family or part of a holiday trip like Spring Break.  Something as simple as driving through the campus to see architecture, students walking or congregating, or the sheer size of an institution can help you begin to formulate an image of how you see yourself in college.  If you are…

An Athlete – go see a college basketball game, baseball game, spring training

A Musician or Actor – go see a college concert or stage performance

An Artist – walk through a college gallery exhibition.

A Science or Math enthusiast – find out what college sponsored competitions or mini courses are available for local high school students

A Fan – visit the bookstore for logo wear

All of these activities are usually posted on a college or university website.  So, do your homework and get exposed!  The more you know, the better decisions you can make for a good college fit.