Goals and New Year’s Resolutions

Do you remember what your New Year’s Resolution was for 2011?  Did you follow through to achievement or abandon it somewhere between February and June like 90+ percent of the population?

If you were successful with your Resolution, chances are you wrote it down and had a plan like we talked about last week with SMART goals.  If you were not successful, why not?  What derailed you in the process?

Resolutions are like Goals.  They are a personal commitment to self improvement.   But in order to be a successful Resolution, it must be relevant to you and it must have a well defined foundation.  That foundation creates a structural support system so that you can take action and successfully achieve your Resolution and celebrate your success!  What a great feeling to achieve something that you have identified as important for your self improvement.

Remember this; work SMARTer, not necessarily harder in the New Year!  If you need help writing a SMART goal or developing a plan to support that goal, contact me.  Good luck, Happy New Year, and may 2012 bring you great success!