Great Fit vs.Transfer – 6 Elements for Success

Tune in to any chat with col­lege stu­dents on and you will hear the impor­tance of find­ing the right col­lege fit.  It just makes sense, saves time, saves money, and saves the pain and effort of trans­fer.  Get­ting the right col­lege fit can make all the dif­fer­ence in a great col­lege expe­ri­ence.  Seniors need to evaluate these 6 elements to ensure a great “fit” as they make final decisions for applications and acceptance opportunities.  Juniors need to be considering these same 6 points as they visit campuses.  I was recently asked why I consider a transfer as “painful.”  My response, “Students who are unhappy in their college choice, do not perform as well, spend time seeking the next college, doing the application and waiting process, and lose credits that end up extending a 4 year degree to 5 or 6 years.  The pain is social, academic and financial.”

These 6 characteristics help you identify the best “fit” for a great college experience and avoid the pain of a transfer.

  1. Aca­d­e­mics – be sure the insti­tu­tion has the major area of study in which you have inter­est, abil­ity and desire.
  2. Geo­graphic Loca­tion – con­sider your need to be close or far from home, the travel costs, and cli­mate, urban, sub­ur­ban, and rural.
  3. Cul­tural – how do stu­dents dress, are reli­gious pref­er­ences read­ily avail­able, what about food or dietary options.
  4. Social – are there sport­ing event venues, the­ater, what about fra­ter­ni­ties or soror­i­ties, avail­abil­ity of favorite hob­bies like ski­ing, golf, and cycling or paint ball.
  5. Ath­let­ics – an oppor­tu­nity for you to engage in your sport as a col­lege ath­lete ( for excel­lent recruit­ing advise­ment) or the venues for you to be a fan
  6. Finan­cial – is it afford­able, what could make it afford­able, what is the earn­ing poten­tial given the degree you are look­ing to attain, does it make the cost worth the investment

Plan ahead and eval­u­ate all of the char­ac­ter­is­tics to ensure a “Great Fit” col­lege experience.