Increase Your Value to the Organization

Whether you are gainfully employed or out of work and deep in the throngs of job search, it’s always a good time to assess your Value to the company.  The onset of COVID19 forced people to assess their standings within a company and how their work would be carried out as they moved forward.  For some, it simply forced them out.  But understanding your Value to an organization and to yourself is vital to success.  Understanding how to increase it is equally as important.

On-line education has been with us for over 2 decades, but the recent demand for on-line learning has forced new delivery models into place and a whole new perspective on the work world going forward.  There are now thousands of free virtual learning venues offered through colleges and universities across the country.  Perhaps your own alma mater! Great ways to increase your Value.

While degree programs may be the most recognized form of increasing one’s Value, it’s not the only game in town.   Many institutions offer “certified “or “licensed” training programs that are far shorter and less expensive.  Companies like Microsoft and Apple offer programs for certification that can lead to excellent jobs. 

Learning a new technique, language or software are all examples of increasing your Value or potential Value to an organization. It also adds Value to self worth and confidence. Bonus!

I frequently talk about the importance of time management, but managing your intellectual property is equally as important in increasing your Value to self and an organization.  So while COVID19 may have imposed some very unusual circumstances on all of us, it is a great opportunity to increase your Value.  What course of action will you take?