Know What You Have to Offer

Whether you are a high school student presenting yourself to a university market, a college student or adult looking to get in the work force, the question and need remain the same.  What do you have to offer?  In a recent homepage article for msn, the following article popped up, “How to Prepare for Your First Job Interview in 10 Years.”  The author, Anthony Balderrama, writes for CareerBuilder and this time his message was especially of interest to me and I hope to you.  He says, “The more you understand what you offer, the more confident you will be going in and the more focused you will be in sharing your skills and abilities.”

There is a distinct difference between skills and abilities.  Do you know the difference?  Did you know it is possible to measure abilities and quantify how they can influence job performance?  So, just as it is important to be able to give concrete examples of tasks or responsibilities and outcomes from a previous job in an interview, it is also important to know what the company’s expectations are and how your abilities can provide exactly what is needed to ensure a successful fit as an employee.

What is your personal marketability?  To measure your abilities and help you articulate what you have to offer….that’s my work!