Unexpected Gems

Most everyone has walked through a grocery store or Bed, Bath and Beyond and seen the OXO display for kitchen gadgets.  They are great tools!  But recently, in an advertisement for their products, they posted words of wisdom from their interns for rising college seniors.  Pretty clever marketing!  They specialize in kitchen tools and shared some “out of the box” thinking on their part when it comes to tools.  Enjoy, and best of luck for a great year to all my college freshmen!

 Sage College Advice from our Interns 

 We polled these rising seniors in between meetings to share some of their best advice for easing into college:

  • Take advantage of every opportunity you are presented with.
  • Step out of your comfort zone to try new things and meet new people – you might be surprised with the results!
  • If you’re struggling with work, ask for help.
  • Always have disposable cups, plates, etc. for ordering in!
  • Bring an extra set of sheets for laundry day.
  • Set rules with your roommate on the first day – even though it will be awkward, establishing them early will avoid conflicts.
  • Try not to get too stressed. You’re entering four of the most exciting years of your life!