Where Are You?

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the day to day demands that we lose sight of where we are in the big picture.  For high school and college students that location can be critical.  So in an effort to re-focus and clearly identify where you are, let’s look at the resources so that there are no surprises.

As a high school student, you need to assess your grades.  On-line access through district portals makes that possible.  Do you use it?  Are there patterns in your grades like low tests, or quizzes, missing assignments?  This is a good time to evaluate where you are so that there is a good outcome for the semester.  After all, many of you are nearing midterm and you have time to correct problem areas.

College students, you are in a similar position.  You have on-line access to grades, you can see patterns of performance and you have time to address problem areas.  However, for you, there are some resources and practices that are different from high school.  If you need assistance, check your professor’s office hours and make an appointment.  It will help your status in class as they will see you as an individual who is interested and one who cares about their class performance.  You can also check out math or writing labs that provide student-to-student tutorial services free.  There are lots of services available, but you have to take action and take advantage of them.  Contact me if you need help navigating the system.

Know where you are so that there are no surprises.  For high school students, your transcript speaks volumes about your educational ability, your work ethic, and your attitude as a student.  So keep it on track!  College students, your status at a university, current or future scholarships and rank for a potential employer depend on your performance, keep it on track!

Where are you?