Writing Goals is SMART

Writing goals is smart.  In fact, when we commit goals to written form we increase the odds of achievement by about 94 percent.  Why do you think all of those diet companies have you sign a contract with specific goals and time lines?  A written format works.

So here is the formula for effective goals:

S – Your goal must be specific.

M – Your goal must be measurable.

A – Your goal must be attainable.  Notice I didn’t say easy, but it must be within reason.

R – Your goal must be relevant.  It must be important to you.

T – Your goal must be timely.  It has to be measurable within a given time frame.

That’s it.  SMART goals are that easy.  Write them down according to the formula.

What goals are you serious about for the coming year?   Serious enough to be SMART and commit them to paper?