Affirmations of Getting It Right

I love my work!

Can you say the same thing?

I have loved my work for over 30 years!

Can you say the same thing?

An article came across my computer recently and just lit up my day.  It was yet another affirmation for the work I do and love.  How wonderful that a major entity writes about the relevance of choosing majors wisely when my blog addressed it just a few weeks ago.  Is this a case of the chicken and the egg?

Life’s transitions affect us all.  Whether we are high school students transitioning to college, college students transitioning to the workforce, or already working and questioning our direction, the process remains the same.  Creating a plan for a career that will lead down a road of satisfaction, fulfillment and reward is not easy.  But it is do-able.

This article reiterates the importance of understanding yourself, the trends and making good decisions.  I love it!  I hope you will to.  Read it here and tell me what you think.