Do You Need to Build Your Vision?

We hear a lot about goals, writing goals, SMART Goals and I am a big believer in the effectiveness of SMART Goals. After all, major companies and organizations and small companies alike wouldn’t create a business plan without measurable outcomes. Individual success is no different. But when it comes to being satisfied or happy in your career and the direction you are going, there is more to it than just goals. It is more than a big win, reeling in a big client, or hitting that next mark on the scale. It’s about seeing down the road and building toward a Purpose.

I realized back in the late 1990’s as I worked on my doctorate that there is a clear connection between Personal and Professional Goals. The impact of personal goals on a professional life can be just as profound as professional goals on a personal life. So integration of both is critical for optimal satisfaction. I have stories and stories of individuals who have accelerated their careers because of the impact of personal goals on their professional career. There have also been those that are the reverse and a professional goal dramatically impacted a personal life. But back to Vision.

James Clear in his 2018 book, Atomic Habits, said “Some experts estimate that half of the brain’s resources are used in vision.”  He went on to say, “For this reason, a small change in what you see can lead to a big shift in what you do.”  While he is obviously talking about what we physically see, I believe we can apply the same kind of theory to our sense of vision and seeing ahead, where we want to go or what we envision accomplishing.  

In a similar vein, John Heider in his 1985 book, The Tao of Leadership, addressed another art of building Vision when he said, “When group members have time to reflect, they can see more clearly what is essential in themselves and others.”  The art of building Vision is critical to the success of individuals and to organizations.  So it is no wonder businesses and organizations create Vision Statements.  Unfortunately, too often they become statements written in Annual Reports, Client Information Packets, and Marketing documents that all sit on shelves or in digital files and never really impact daily routines and life.  

When it comes to Vision, understanding the impact of family, friends, finances, religious beliefs, societal beliefs, abilities, and host of other elements is part of creating a Vision.   Understanding how Goals are a part of the equation is important also, but they do not stand alone when it comes to building a truly satisfying Personal and Professional Growth Plan aimed at identifying and living out Purpose.  It takes work, but the dividend potential is enormous!

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Are you ready to build a Vision Plan that moves you toward a Purpose? Contact me.