Quality Decision Making or False Fronts

How does making the right career choice affect the rest of your life?  When you decide to go to work or attend class are you going based on need or desire?  Do you want to be one of the 40% of the population who enjoy their work or the 60% who are unhappy with their career choice?

Making decisions about your career direction can be connected to your passions and the things that drive you internally in order to get the greatest satisfaction or they can be driven by something altogether different.  A colleague and specialist in the area of connecting high school student athletes with college sports opportunities, Hans Hanson of College Sports Track, often talks about “false fronts” in the recruiting process.  “False fronts” are statements and actions that do not reflect the true picture of a situation.  So in making decisions about your career path, are you being influenced by “false fronts” or sound data and information about you?

How important is it to you that your career outcome be satisfying, financially rewarding, and aligned with your goals?  Are you ready to start the process of identifying an effective career direction and plan for achievement?  Click here to get started now with a complimentary consultation.  The choice is yours!