Stressed Out or Burned Out?

I learned long ago that we humans are very connected people.  Connected to each other, but also connected to interests and values that shift throughout our lives.  When our work life gets into conflict with our current values system we get a disconnect and ultimately become dissatisfied with whatever it is we are doing.  Enter national job force disengagement numbers of 65-70%.  That’s a scary number for businesses, productivity and if you are experiencing BURNOUT or STRESS as an individual.

Burnout and Stress affect job performance but they also affect our personal lives.  It can be like hitting a wall.  Have you felt ineffective at work, maybe overly tired, or perhaps at time cynical?  Maybe you are in initial stages of Burnout.  Or perhaps you have felt your performance is diminished, changes in body rhythms, emotionally edgy.  These could be signs of Stress.

Life truly is a balance and everyone’s point of balance is different.  Burnout and Stress can cause our sense of balance to be thrown off and we’re left with questions.  Should I change jobs?  Should I go back to school? Should I…..the list can get long when we get into the spiral.

Sometimes finding the balance requires a complete job reset, but sometimes it is a matter of tweaking the other parts of our lives that include interests and values.  Sometimes we use friends and family as our sounding boards, but sometimes we just need a coach.

I believe we should all be inspired by possibilities, discover our talents and abilities, and ultimately understand and be driven by our purpose.  Burnout and Stress may be stepping stones to finding these.  Want some help?