What is It Worth?

When I write each week, my goal is to bring you thought provoking information, calls to action or information on tools that can help you make informed decisions about your major area of study or career direction.  Last week we talked about choosing marketable majors and the week before was about spending your education dollars wisely.  I’ve provided websites and insight to watching trends for careers.   Asking the question, “Is my degree marketable?” is effective, but you also have to know where to begin to find the answers.  That’s where watching trends becomes effective in knowing, What is It Worth?

In the Winter 2011 edition of Kaplan Newsweek, there is a great article that lists the “Top 10 Undergraduate Careers by Salary.” Here they are:

Rank                                        Median Starting Salary         Midcareer Median Salary

  1. Engineering                           $61,000                                             $105,000
  2. Economics                                50,200                                                101,000
  3. Physics                                       51,000                                                  98,800
  4. Computer science                 56,400                                                   97,400
  5. Statistics/Math                      48,600                                                   94,500
  6. Biochemistry                          41,700                                                   94,200
  7. Construction Manag.           53,400                                                   89,600
  8. Finance                                      48,500                                                   89,400
  9. Information Sys.                    51,900                                                   87,200
  10. Geology                                      45,100                                                   84,200

The important factor to remember when reading articles like this one is to pay attention to the source.  Where is the data coming from and are there any qualifying circumstances?  In this case, there are, click here to read the brief but beneficial article.