Protect Your Assets

Everybody needs to protect their Assets.  Whether you are a student, an athlete, or a career professional, Assets are your future monetarily, intellectually and physically.  I’m a career specialist, not a financial planner. So this is about all things Assets, not just the numbers.

College Students and Athletes – Your scholarship is an Asset and needs to be protected via grades and care of your body. Internships as part of your degree program are currently the greatest avenue to being hired post-graduation making them very valuable Assets, so those opportunities need to be cultivated and protected through building relationships as well as job performance.  Finally, an on-time graduation is an Asset.  Do the math: If changing a major results in about 1 semester added, and if on average a state school in-state tuition is about $20,000 per year, that’s $10,000 more for the added semester.  Did you know the average college student changes majors 3-5 times!  That’s approximately $30,000 to $50,000 extra spent on a 4 year degree resulting in reduced earning potential due to time lost to the competition and your savings depleted or increased student loan debt.

Career Professionals – Long term plans for retirement need to be implemented early to become part of an on-going Asset strategy.  In the shorter term, there are lifestyle purchases that require purposeful behaviors for things like vehicles, homes, and unexpected expenses.  Daily habits both feed and protect our Assets.  Everything from a coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin to meals out verses meals prepared in can have a serious impact on your Assets.  Do you know what your Assets are or what you are currently worth?   Do you know what you could be worth?  What are your goals?

In my years as a professional I have met few people who understand the impact of daily habits or reps regarding protecting and building assets quite like Hillary Seiler of Financial Footwork.  I also rarely promote products or services.   But in my experiences working with individuals regarding their career futures I know that people rarely view their scholarships, internships, ideas, or daily behaviors as protecting their Assets Hillary gets it!  Click here to check out her website.  Think about your Assets.  What action are you ready to take?

YOU are your greatest Asset!  Asset protection becomes even more significant when unusual circumstances, like COVID 19 or a world financial crisis, result in job loss, geographic location realignment, company closures.  One thing is for certain, everyone needs to prepare for the unexpected.  Yes, even college students.  That doesn’t mean live in fear, but it does mean be purposeful in constructing sound Asset protection and sound habits to support that plan.  What action are you ready to take?