There are plenty of opportunities to read up on college rankings.  U.S. News, Princeton Review, TIME, Yahoo and the list goes on for those who provide annual updates of the best in the Nation.  However, it is important to recognize that the terms of measuring the “best” are different for each of the groups analyzing … Continue reading "Their Ranki Read More ›

I frequently get asked when it is time to start thinking about colleges, careers and majors.  Certainly the earlier the better and there are plenty of things you can do well in advance to prepare yourself for making these critical decisions.  Middle school and certainly high school freshman can begin a low impact process.  It … Continue reading Read More ›

Tune in to any chat with col­lege stu­dents on and you will hear the impor­tance of find­ing the right col­lege fit.  It just makes sense, saves time, saves money, and saves the pain and effort of trans­fer.  Get­ting the right col­lege fit can make all the dif­fer­ence in a great col­lege expe­ri­ence.  Seniors need … Continue reading Read More ›

This week we have a Guest Blog written by Mike Dailey, owner of College Authority in Connecticut.  Mike has 25 years of experience working with families and college funding strategies.  He has spoken at many high schools and brings great insight to the college process.  While he is based in Connecticut, the Internet makes business … Continue reading "Critical Questions for F Read More ›

Whether you are a student in school or an adult in the workforce, it is important to recognize that many of the millions of jobs and even careers that have been lost in the last 5 years will not return even when the economy gains strength.  Our society as a whole has had a major … Continue reading "Top 10 Jobs Trends…Now and Through 2017" Read More ›