According to The Wall Street Journal, June 3, 2010, “Identifying one’s natural abilities is more than just an interest survey, and the value of knowing can have lifelong impact that creates opportunities for great satisfaction.”  The use of abilities in our daily work can make the difference between tolerating a job and loving a chosen … Continue reading Read More ›

Over the last two weeks the blog postings have addressed identification of natural abilities and the fact that they are measurable.  When measured, they can help provide insight for determining career direction or ways in which we can develop greater balance in our lives through cultivation of our work environment, responsibilities, or perhaps musical talents … Read More ›

The more we understand about our natural abilities, the better we can make effective choices that lead us toward satisfying and rewarding careers and lives in general.  Since abilities can be measured, it only makes sense that once we know what those numbers look like, that we are able to apply them to our daily … Continue reading "Understanding Y Read More ›

Remember when you were in elementary school or even middle school and you had to do something you felt you were not good at performing?  You may have gotten that sinking feeling in your stomach and wished to disappear at that very moment.  Then there was the opposite when you were asked to do something … Continue reading "Understanding Your Abilit Read More ›

Everything we do creates the bank of experiences that we bring to the table of our work environment or an interview for a job.  Those part time jobs as a kid help us to learn the kinds of things we enjoy and find satisfying or the things we do to have spending money and hope … Continue reading "3 Things to “Bring to the Table”" Read More ›