Depending on where you are in your career direction process, there are three things you should have on your radar screen.  High School Students: A calendar with SAT/ACT test dates for which you will register and a prep plan that fits that timeline Timely notification to those you are requesting a letter of reference A … Continue reading "3 Timeline Considera Read More ›

Getting prepared for college is a natural progression when you are in high school, but what about middle school?  I get the question all the time, “When is a good time to start preparing for college?”  My answer is always, “Right now.” As a school principal, my kindergarten teachers were already starting the kids on … Continue reading "It’s Never Too Ea Read More ›

So frequently when I do presentations for schools or organizations, I get asked, “When should we start thinking about careers?”  My answer is always, “The sooner the better.”  You see, it’s not that you have to decide what you want to do “when you grow up” but rather you need to explore the possibilities and experience … Continue reading "Explo Read More ›

There is nothing worse than sitting down after four years and trying to reconstruct the work you’ve done, courses you’ve taken and awards received in order to write or bring your resume’ up to date.  So the 3 most important words are Keep It Current.  Consider your resume or profile as a “work in progress” … Continue reading "Keep It Current" Read More ›

For the last two weeks I have addressed Professional Development as it applies to high school and college students.  But to the career professional or the “stay-at-home parent” getting ready to re-enter the work force, this broad term also applies.  Generally speaking, there are sectors of the work world that refer to continuing your education … Continue reading Read More ›