Remember when you were in elementary school or even middle school and you had to do something you felt you were not good at performing?  You may have gotten that sinking feeling in your stomach and wished to disappear at that very moment.  Then there was the opposite when you were asked to do something … Continue reading "Understanding Your Abilit Read More ›

Everything we do creates the bank of experiences that we bring to the table of our work environment or an interview for a job.  Those part time jobs as a kid help us to learn the kinds of things we enjoy and find satisfying or the things we do to have spending money and hope … Continue reading "3 Things to “Bring to the Table”" Read More ›

Do you remember what your New Year’s Resolution was for 2011?  Did you follow through to achievement or abandon it somewhere between February and June like 90+ percent of the population? If you were successful with your Resolution, chances are you wrote it down and had a plan like we talked about last week with … Continue reading "Goals and New Year Read More ›

Writing goals is smart.  In fact, when we commit goals to written form we increase the odds of achievement by about 94 percent.  Why do you think all of those diet companies have you sign a contract with specific goals and time lines?  A written format works. So here is the formula for effective goals: … Continue reading "Writing Goals is SMART" Read More ›

I always laugh when people reference the old saying, “There are only two sure things in life, death and taxes.”  I laugh because I believe there is a third given, and that is Change.  The funny thing about Change is it can make people as uncomfortable as talking about death or taxes.  The “Fear Factor” … Continue reading "Change and the Fear Facto Read More ›