Have you seen the daily postings of “Do you remember this” on Facebook with photos of old products or tools that were used 10, 20, 40 years ago?  They take many of us back to an earlier time and the things we did or used on a daily basis. But for young people, they may … Continue reading "3 Tips for College Admissions Using Basi Read More ›

When we set out to buy a car, we do our homework.  We check websites for best deals and dealers, price special features, and determine in our mind what our budget will be and the kind of vehicle we can afford.  Part of the equation may even be determining how long we intend to keep … Continue reading "Preparation as Read More ›

Do you have a social media presence?  What does it look like?  Universities and employers alike are using social media to “check out” their candidates.  Everything from your email address and voice message to your pictures and comments on Facebook or other social media sites are available for public scrutiny and feed into your public … Continue reading Read More ›

In spite of the highly publicized expense of college, the numbers of applicants is growing at an astounding rate.  The need for an education beyond high school is recognized, but the importance of preparing is often overlooked by the demands of a daily grind.  Too many times, students find themselves short of an opportunity because … Continue reading "Working Backw Read More ›

Last week I posted a blog about one of the big pitfalls for college freshmen, time management.  The ability to manage time wisely doesn’t magically begin when one turns eighteen or goes to college, and for some it never begins.  For some it becomes a life management problem because the skill is never developed.   But … Continue reading Read More ›