I hope each week you visit the blog that you gain something for yourself or provide benefit for someone else through forwarding the information.  When I read great articles like the one linked here, I find it affirming that I am on the right path when I talk about the importance of leadership and knowledge based societies. … Continue reading "Trends? Read More ›

Throughout the year I try to address topics that are pertinent to the trends of people with whom I work while addressing issues that I think are important in general to all who are looking at career decisions.  There are two comments and a question I want to address as we enter the week of … Continue reading "Addressing Trends of Need" Read More ›

Financial experts watch trends in the market, I watch trends in careers.  A couple of months back I wrote about the trend of social media and the importance of paying attention to your social profile as it can impact your career potential. But another interesting trend is surfacing and worthy of your attention.  The power … Continue reading "Evidence of a New Read More ›

Making good decisions begins with asking the right questions and gathering meaningful information.  That’s why I encourage people to pay attention to trends in jobs, careers and demographics.  That’s why it is important to start early and allow time for exploring possibilities.  It is also why I recommend that people who are looking at college … Continue reading Read More ›

How perfect to end the month’s theme of Timelines on Halloween with a topic of Scary Times.  But if you are a senior in high school or a senior in college you are facing scary times.  There is enough uncertainty in the world to create plenty of anxiety in those who are in pivotal transition … Continue reading "Scary Times" Read More ›