There is nothing worse than sitting down after four years and trying to reconstruct the work you’ve done, courses you’ve taken and awards received in order to write or bring your resume’ up to date.  So the 3 most important words are Keep It Current.  Consider your resume or profile as a “work in progress” … Continue reading "Keep It Current" Read More ›

For the last two weeks I have addressed Professional Development as it applies to high school and college students.  But to the career professional or the “stay-at-home parent” getting ready to re-enter the work force, this broad term also applies.  Generally speaking, there are sectors of the work world that refer to continuing your education … Continue reading Read More ›

I had lunch recently with a dear friend to catch up on life, kids and work.  As we finished and opened our fortune cookies, she read hers, smiled and handed it to me saying I could use it.   The fortune read, “Doing what you like is freedom.  Liking what you do is happiness.”  She so … Continue reading "Professional Development an Read More ›

In the adult world of work we frequently talk about professional development and the associated costs, benefits or requirements for some professions.  However, I don’t think I have ever heard anyone reference high school students who prepare for college as undergoing professional development.  But that is exactly what it is!  There are costs associated and … Cont Read More ›

Do you remember your elementary school days when you wanted to be the line leader? Why did you want to be the leader? First to get to the destination? Sense of authority or power over those behind you? Feeling like you could take them anywhere? Do you still want to be the leader? Last week … Continue reading "Being the Leader" Read More ›