I’m usually writing about careers, education, workforce, but on my run yesterday I was reflecting on several conversations with clients and parents as well as family members. Coronavirus has pushed everyone’s buttons. And in a time when so many are out of work or in limbo, a common stress I heard were conversations surrounding the … Continue reading "What W Read More ›

In October 2011 I posted a Blog titled Scary Times.  It was a play on Halloween and the issues facing seniors in high school as they navigated the world of changes ahead…college, work, sports.  Issues that were relevant. Perhaps scary, but also exciting.  Fast forward to today, Scary Times II. Scary Times II is certainly not … Continue reading "Scary Times II" Read More ›

When billionaire Mike Bloomberg spoke to the recent graduates of Harvard Business School about their careers, he told them, “Make decisions based on the quality of the opportunity and where you’ll have the most fun and the most room for growth.”  His message to them was rooted in understanding themselves.  It’s a lot like the … Continue reading "Career Conun Read More ›

I was interviewed recently by “The Catalyst” financial life planning for women in STEM. I shared how your college student can save time and tens of thousands of dollars in college expenses. Listen to the podcast here.   Read More ›

Jobs that did not exist 10 years ago are infiltrating the landscape.  So, have you ever thought of being a Chief Listening Officer, Tech Ethicist, Self-Driving Car Engineer, or how about a UX/UI Designer?  These are just some of the new job titles in a morphing career landscape. The trick is how to prepare. The … Continue reading "The Changing Career La Read More ›