Have you ever bought a raffle ticket or attended an event and on your ticket it was printed, “Must be Present to Win”?  Sometimes I have felt like it was a ploy because I was so ready to leave, but I didn’t want to miss my chance.  Other times I was so engaged in the … Continue reading "MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN" Read More ›

Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, there are so many opportunities for giving and receiving gifts.  But we also carry gifts with us all the time.  You might think of them as talent and readily see them in other people.  The reality is, everyone has talents or gifts but not everyone has discovered them.  In fact, … Continue reading "Gi Read More ›

Everybody needs to protect their Assets.  Whether you are a student, an athlete, or a career professional, Assets are your future monetarily, intellectually and physically.  I’m a career specialist, not a financial planner. So this is about all things Assets, not just the numbers. College Students and Athletes – Your scholarship is an Asset and … Continue reading Read More ›

I learned long ago that we humans are very connected people.  Connected to each other, but also connected to interests and values that shift throughout our lives.  When our work life gets into conflict with our current values system we get a disconnect and ultimately become dissatisfied with whatever it is we are doing.  Enter … Continue reading Read More ›

Whether you are gainfully employed or out of work and deep in the throngs of job search, it’s always a good time to assess your Value to the company.  The onset of COVID19 forced people to assess their standings within a company and how their work would be carried out as they moved forward.  For … Continue reading "Increase Your Valu Read More ›